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Program tree always shows "Documentation not ready" even I update mbed lib

I just follow https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/API-Documentation to add one simple HelloWorld class into my test sample, it could be successfully compiled & built. After do "Update Docs" menu item in the "Compile" dropdown, Program tree shows "Documentation not ready". I also referred the suggestion from http://developer.mbed.org/forum/bugs-suggestions/ to do update mbed lib but still got the same result. How to generate API Doc for one new class ?/media/uploads/cyliang/docnotready.jpg

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One way I found was to publish (to Private), Edit the API Document as you wish, and then re-import. Not sure if this is the best way but does work. Hope this helps.

posted by Martin Simpson 10 Sep 2015

Thanks, t's working and trick. It could be regarded as the alternative solution.

posted by cy liang 11 Sep 2015
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