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Is it possible to get ELF file

I can download bin file after compile. Can I get an elf file?

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The official Mbed 2 C/C++ SDK provides the software platform and libraries to build your applications.

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In case anyone wanders here, you can export your program to GCC (ARM Embedded) toolchain. Then use the GNU-ARM-EMBEDDED tool chain to build the elf file (along with the usual bin file) - http://gnuarmeclipse.github.io/windows-build-tools/install/

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why do you need an elf file (some might be curious ,this might answer it). It's not supported, although many would like being able to download an elf file to generate map file for example.

I would like to have access to the symbols :)

posted by Adam Green 19 Jan 2015
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Im also looking for the same answer. I need use the elf ( also can use .out , .axf ) with the STM Studio and it is using only the elf file to connect to the board. This also makes it much more easy for the debug.


please advise. Thanks.

Export to GCC ARM for example, and build locally. At the moment the solution many use I believe

posted by Martin Kojtal 19 Jan 2015

For these reasons, I use absolute variables to work together mbed online with STMStudio: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/5294/Absolute-Variable-Location-fo-ST-nucleo/#answer5563

posted by Nothing Special 19 Jan 2015