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What exports work off the shelf ?

I would like to develop a project locally. What exports do actually work off the shelf? By that I mean that after I type "make" or get through an import wizard the project is ready to go. I have tried the gcc-arm, and from what I've reasearched I have to make my own Makefile. That isn't very productive when you have a lot of files and you might also add a couple later.

Later edit: I'm working with the FRDM KL25Z

Question relating to:

which plat form ? platform ? For Mbed 1768/11U24 the codesourcery export works off the shelf

posted by Robert Spilleboudt 18 Jan 2015

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7 years, 6 months ago.

I exported a project to using the compiler option /media/uploads/joeata2wh/mbed-export-1.bmp for arm gcc. After that I unzipped it and ran make from the command line with CWD inside the project directory. It compiled fine and produced the hex file. It even included all the libraries.

I already had the ARM gcc toolchain installed and added to the path on my windows box. It was really slick. Not sure why but on my account the option to download for Kinetis Design Studio was disabled.