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Nucleo L52RE Repair problem?

I've got Nucleo L152RE, and tested a lot. Some day L152RE got a heat, so I decided that I change ST32L152RBT6 chip. After that, I can download but source doesn't work. Serial data communication doesn't work, even led blinking doesn't work. So, I want to ask that is it possible to repair by changing mcu chip?

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32L152RET6 microcontroller.

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5 years, 10 months ago.

Perhaps you need to re-load the firmware found on this page https://mbed.org/platforms/ST-Nucleo-L152RE/ . If this does not work then you probably have other problems on your board, and it would be best to replace it.


5 years, 10 months ago.

Did you change the chip from L152RET6 to L152RBT6? If so, you cannot run your program on your repaired board.
Differ between RET6 and RBT6 are mainly ROM and RAM size.
Current mbed development environment (online) does not care those different and cause a trouble such as stack allocation and others. If you want to use that repaired board, please establish mbed off-line environment and modify linker script and some source files then compile it.
This is one of example for this purpose.