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C027 baudrate change problem


I'm using C027 for positioning with u-center 8.10(ublox s/w).

When I change the baudrate from 9600(default value) to 38400, messages cann't received.

What is the problem?

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The u-blox-C027 is a complete starter kit that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for the Internet of Things. The application board has a MAX-M8Q GPS/GNSS receiver and ...
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5 years, 1 month ago.

You need to match the baudrate of u-center with the baud rate of the application that you program into the C027.

I matched both side with same baud rate. But u-center only works on 9600 baud rate.

posted by Kyungho Yoo 21 Aug 2014

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