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RPC Over Serial on Nucleo Boards

Wondering if anyone has any word on RPC_Serial on the Nucleo F401RE? I import the RPC Over Serial example from here http://mbed.org/cookbook/Interfacing-Using-RPC and then update the mbed library.... It then complains about not being able to find rpc.h... So, I import the mbed-rpc using the wizard... More errors..

Warning: Missing return statement at end of non-void function "mbed::parse_pins" in "mbed-rpc/parse_pins.cpp", Line: 82, Col: 5
Error: Expected a declaration in "mbed-rpc/parse_pins.cpp", Line: 82, Col: 7
Warning: Parsing restarts here after previous syntax error in "mbed-rpc/parse_pins.cpp", Line: 97, Col: 14
Error: Expected a declaration in "mbed-rpc/parse_pins.cpp", Line: 100, Col: 2

Any help would be really appreciated!!

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Program to interface with mbed using RPC over Serial

I'm very interested in getting this to work if anyone has any suggestions!!!

posted by Mark x 17 Aug 2014

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Looks like Nucleo F401RE is not supported for this library. If you look in the parse_pins function, there is no pin definition for the ST micro boards.

Feel free to add in the pins for your board. You can submit a pull request once they are in.

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same issue here :(

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The mbed RPC implementation has changed significantly since that wiki page was created. If you don't update the mbed library it should work, if you update the library then it'll break. If you are using a board that that isn't supported with that version of the library then things get more interesting.

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Mark x,

Do you solve it ? Any other help, for i cannot compile RPC Library with NucleoF401.

Thank you

7 years, 11 months ago.

Same problem. Board STM Nucleo F411RE