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Connecting with C027-C20-1, Verizon

Has anyone had any luck connecting to the Verizon network using any of the example code provided? I think I've tried all of the examples now, making (what I believe to be the correct) modifications to the modem type, apn, username and password in each case. However, the most I've got out from it is some diagnostics about the modem but no network info.

Any thoughts on the subject, even a hint as to which direction to go would be appreciated.

I think working with the C027_SupportTest is the best choice, any thoughts on this?

Thanks! jay

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Have you talked to verizon yet? You need a valid contract with Verizon and provision/activate the modem. You do not need to set any APN or credentials for CDMA, there is also not SIM card.

So what does exactly fail when you enable the debug information in the MDM.cpp

Please check section 2 of this document for how to initiate provisioning for verizon. http://www.u-blox.com/external/download.php?action=downloadFile&file=../images/downloads/Product_Docs/C200-ATCommands-Examples_ApplicationNote_(CDMA-CS-12000).pdf

Sorry I cant test this here in europe. we may be able to automate this in the library.

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Thanks Michael!

I think we may have requested activation with the wrong ID. I think an early version of the SupportTest was returning an IMEI for this device that used the first 16 characters of the MEID. Alternatively I may have gotten the IMEI as a result of not selecting the correct modem type. I now believe the modem needs to be activated using the 16 hex character MEID.

The SupportTest loops in checkNetStatus() (line 443 of MDM.cpp) with the following output:


48.266 AT send 10 "AT+CREG?\r\n"

48.278 AT read + 19 "\r\n+CREG: 1,40,7,5\r\n"

48.293 AT read OK 6 "\r\nOK\r\n"

48.297 AT send 9 "AT+CSS?\r\n"

48.310 AT read + 17 "\r\n+CSS: C,CB,40\r\n"

48.324 AT read OK 6 "\r\nOK\r\n"

48.329 AT send 9 "AT$MDN?\r\n"

48.342 AT read UNK 14 "\r\n0000002004\r\n"

48.356 AT read OK 6 "\r\nOK\r\n"

I assume this suggests we have an invalid phone number.

I'm currently trying to have the device re-provisioned and will update this thread if this solves the issue.

Thanks jay

posted by Jay Longson 27 May 2014

Thanks again Michael!

you were right regarding the "over-the-air" provisioning. Following the document properly initialized the device.

posted by Jay Longson 27 May 2014