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Is there any way i can reinstall the firmware from the wifly rn-xv?

Im tryied using the serial cmd but a cant acces anymore, this happened after i upgrade it, the wifly only send at 13600 baud a connection refuse messages every second.

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5 years ago.

I hope you have a copy of the user manual. I have version 1.2r of the manual. Section A.13 may be what you need. I have used this on more than one occasion, while learning about this module.


You can restore the default factory configuration settings in software and hardware.

• Software—In command mode, use the factory RESET command to restore the defaults. This command automatically loads the default settings and executes a save command. Next, send the reboot command so that the module reboots with the default configuration.

• Hardware—Set GPIO9 high on power up to arm the factory reset function. Then toggle GPIO9 five (5) times, which restores the configuration to the factory reset. GPIO9 is sampled at about 1 Hz; therefore, if you are using a CPU to generate the signal, make sure that GPIO9 transitions (high to low or low to high) are at least 1 second long.

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