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GATT Client Support

Is there any plan for GATT Client API (as Peripheral)?

I've been checking the sample app, but seems there's only GATT Server APIs.

My scenario is that a "Central" device connecting to nRF51822-mKit which is act as peripheral. Then nRF51822-mKit as "Peripheral" accessing Gatt Server on that "Central" device. I'm not sure if this possible, since Nordic's nRF51822 mbed library doesn't have nRF51GattClient.cpp in it either (only getGap, getGattServer and there is no getGattClient).


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Hi there,

The current mbed BLE kit uses the S110 SoftDevice, but does not expose its GATT Client to mbed apps yet.


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This is actually doable. :-)

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Central role is not supported at present. The current focus is entirely on designing peripherals since most of the demand from end users is in that area, with central support being a smaller part of overall demand.

Thanks Kevin

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posted by devsar devsar 21 Apr 2014

BTW, I think my question was somehow misinterpreted.

I'm not asking for "Central" role. I'm looking for "Peripheral" role with Gatt Client api.

If you look at Nordic's site, there are 2 SoftDevices: S110 (Peripheral role), and S120 (Central role). Both listed "Gatt Client and Server" as features.

I think that currently mbed BLE_API was using S110 but implement only Gatt Server and not Client. Again, I'm not looking for "Central" (S120) functions.

posted by devsar devsar 21 Apr 2014