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munfc together with ethernet?

I'm trying to run the munfc stack (appnearme NFC) together with ethernet, and I get a couple of errors:


It complains of identifier "Semaphore" being undefined, and it complains of an "incompatible redefinition of ERR_TIMEOUT"

This happens when I either import the ethernet library (without any calls to it) to any of the munfc demos (moodlight) or when I import the munfc library to a working ethernet demo (TCPEcho_Server).

I'm sure the fix is simple, I just don't know where to start. Any help out there?


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Semaphore is part of RTOS, make sure you include that when using Ethernet.

posted by Tyler Weaver 11 Jan 2013

Tyler, Thanks for the help but I'm still beating my head against the wall. I'm starting with working Ethernet demo code (TCPEchoServer) which works fine on it's own (and has RTOS incorporated).

I'm trying to add the AppNearMe_MuNFC_PN532 library (no code, no includes, just existing in the file structure) with the intent of combining NFC and Ethernet eventually. As soon as the NFC library is added, the working demo code fails to compile with the above messages. RTOS is still in there - since that was what I started with.

Any thoughts?

posted by Petras Avizonis 11 Jan 2013

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7 years, 6 months ago.

Never mind, it was the RTOS #include that was screwed up. Thanks for the help.