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Can I reuse LPC11U35 with mbed interface firmware for custom board?

On LPC812MAX, I found LPC11U35 with mbed interface firmware is used as a composite device including CMSIS-DAP, MSC as well as CDC/ACM.

Can I reuse the design in custom board?

I mean in technical as well as in license. Is it able to debug other hardware and is it allowed to port to other hardware?

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LPC800-MAX from NXP is an mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the mbed ecosystem and Arduino form factor.

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I have a question about the HDK. The schematic show a lpc11u35/501 (with 12kb Ram), should the HDK firmware works with a lpc11u35/401 (10kb Ram) ?

I searched in the doc but i can't find any information about the release needed.



I am waiting for my PCB to come back from print house, I hope it works !!

Paid for several boards & micros :{

posted by ceri clatworthy 15 Nov 2013

I hope guys, you will share your outcome with us!

@Patrick Even if they are different (not familiar with those 2), you can always add new HAL for another target.

Regards, 0xc0170

posted by Martin Kojtal 15 Nov 2013

Yes Martin,

My question was poorly worded, I meant "is that the compiled firmware are compliant with lpc11u35/401?"

posted by Patrick Pollet 15 Nov 2013

Hi Patrick, were you able to get the 10kb ram chip to act as the interface? cheers

posted by Benjamin Fisher 13 May 2016
9 years, 11 months ago.

Hi kai,

We're working to be able to open source the mbed interface firmware within the next month, with exactly the idea you'll be able to use it on a custom board and modify it. Our plan is to put it under the permissive Apache 2.0 open source license so you'll be free to use it in commercial products without restriction.

We'll make builds available for simplicity, but the code being available will mean porting will be possible. I'm sure there will be some work needed to e.g. simplify porting, make it work in other toolchains than Keil MDK (which is what we currrently use to build it), so volunteers welcome!


Good news! It's indeed worth looking forward to. Hope you can release the open source of mbed interface asap.

posted by Bigarmer Freeman 20 Oct 2013
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Relay (relay) stupid question:

Can I use the LPC800-MAX's LPC11U35 to program LPC1768 on custom bare metal PCB ??

Obviously removing LPC812,

I have a board I have just made, and need to speed up my development time, Flash Magic is OK for one off programming, but using the serial port on my board is becoming a pain !!