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Get status of connection to access point?


Briefly looking over the library API, I don't see a way to query the RN-XV for its connection status to an access point ( wireless router ).

Does this exist within the library at this time? Or does the library need to be extended to support a basic status() type method?




So after looking through some of the code in Wifly.h and Wifly.cpp I added the following method:

    bool isAssociated()
        return( state.associated );

So then to use in my application I have this small example:

            if( wifly.isAssociated() == true )
                pc.printf("[%ld]Still connected....\r\n", connectCount++);

Does this seem like a reasonable change and does it do what I think it should be doing?

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6 years, 10 months ago.

Hi Jim,

Your solution meets your needs I'm sure. I came across your post just now, and was looking at my own derived solution. It is a bit more complex than yours - my WiflyInterface has similar API "is_connected()". It actually quizzes the Wifly module for the current connection state. I didn't leave quite enough historical documentation to recall exactly why I did that (an older version was much more like what you suggested).

@David, time to write there a comment once you recall :)

posted by Martin Kojtal 14 Jun 2014