RedBearLab nRF51822

RedbearLab nRF51822 is an integrated "ARM + BLE4.0" development board. We have integrated Nordic nRF51822 with Freescale MK20 into a single mbed and Arduino compatible board. It is targeted for makers, engineers and students to develop low power Internet-Of-Things (IoT) projects/prototypes quickly and easily.

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Interface Firmware

To upgrade the interface firmware (inside the MK20 chip):
1. Press and hold the reset button on your nRF51822 board
2. Connect it to an USB port of your PC
3. Release the button and the LED will keep flashing (slowly)
4.1 For Windows, just drag the new firmware to the MSD drive
4.2 For Linux or Mac OSX, use the follow command from the Terminal:


dd if=src_firmware.bin of=/Volumes/BOOTLOADER/dst_firmware.bin conv=notrunc

5. The LED should keep flashing (very fast this time)
6. Remove the board from the USB port
7. Reconnect it to the USB port

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