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Firmware not working for arduino

I update the firmware with RBL_nRF51822_MK20.bin in https://github.com/RedBearLab/nRF51822-Arduino/tree/master/mk20. Then I won't be able to upload program onto RBL nRF51822 board anymore. The arduino IDE I use is 1.6.5.

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RedbearLab nRF51822 is an integrated "ARM + BLE4.0" development board. We have integrated Nordic nRF51822 with Freescale MK20 into a single mbed and Arduino compatible board. It is targeted for …

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Did you load the bootloader.hex to the nRF51822?

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/media/uploads/maxyclu/bootload_failure.png It says not enough space on MBED when I drag bootloader_Avrdude_OTA_HCI_20150422.hex to MBED drive.

I click raw to save plain text version of bootloader_Avrdude_OTA_HCI_20150422.hex and the file size is right this time. But I can't make it work either. /media/uploads/maxyclu/bootload_failure_2.png

posted by Max Lu 01 Jul 2015