3 years, 9 months ago.

How do we use the RTC?

I want to manage time on redbearlab board. I don't find any reference to any RTC API?

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RedbearLab nRF51822 is an integrated "ARM + BLE4.0" development board. We have integrated Nordic nRF51822 with Freescale MK20 into a single mbed and Arduino compatible board. It is targeted for …

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3 years, 9 months ago.

You can use the nRF51 RTC clock.

I think that also uses Ticker. and will it be low power? I mean would it not wake up CPU and use more power? I am currently using Ticker to update a value at every second.

posted by Shirish Jadav 06 Oct 2016

It uses the RTC on the nRF51. It runs on the Low Frequency Clock Source and the MCU does not need to be awake to up the timer. Things like Ticker use the RTC to wake up in time.

posted by Jan Jongboom 06 Oct 2016