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This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

This page is a historical record of some of the important mbed.org development milestones.

Current beta (see betamode)

August 2012

  • Improvements to /code/ including sorting by many more factors

Previous releases

June 2012

Complete version control support now added.

More details: http://mbed.org/blog/entry/Collaboration-now-on-open-beta/

May 2012

Incremental compiler beta release.

This is a mbed compiler update which brings several performance improvements, the main one being a large improvement in the speed of compiling larger programs. Files are now only compiled if they have been modified since the last compilation of that program.

Previous updates

June 2011

  • Version control beta release. This is phase 1 of 3 of our version control roadmap. More details here and in the video:
  • Import wizard improvements
  • Usual relatively minor bugfixes and improvements

May 2011

Version control alpha preview

November 2010

  • Forum and notebooks move to new wiki markup system
  • Relationship engine - shows which libraries are used by which published programs, which wiki pages link to which programs, etc.
  • Scoring system to allow high quality content (including programs, notebooks, wiki pages) to 'float' to the top of result listings
  • Compiler supports improved Find
  • Compiler print support
  • Bugfixes, speed improvements, layout improvements

You can try the beta at /betamode.

Beta feedback is very welcome in the forum.

October 2010 (blog post

  • User-created library support

August 2010 (blog entry)

  • You can now see the code of published projects
  • Published projects come with Doxygen powered documentation
  • The documentation of published projects is integrated within the mbed wikis

June 2010 (blog entry)

  • New wiki engine created
  • Cookbook moved to new engine

April 2010 (blog entry)

  • New compiler import wizard
  • Listing of published programs within the compiler
  • Published program versioning
  • Program memory usage display
  • Many bugfixes to compiler, especially regarding support on Mac platforms

March 2010 (blog entry)

  • Favourites
  • Private messages

February 2010 (blog entry)

  • Version 1.0 of published library support
  • Compiler bugfixes

January 2010 (blog entry)

  • Multiple forum support
  • Forum now tracks which posts you have read
  • You now have the option of auto-subscribing to topics/pages you comment on - found in your Account Settings area
  • Added RSS feeds for just about everything
  • Activity area now split by type
  • Reformatted date display on the site so the dates are useful regardless of local timezone
  • Several other bugfixes and behind the scenes improvements/changes.

November 2009 (blog entry)

  • User homepages
  • User profiles
  • Activity stream
  • Bugfixes

November 2009 (blog entry)

  • Notebook support added
  • Bugfixes

September 2009 (blog entry

  • Site search engine
  • Image uploads
  • Bugfixes

August-November 2009 (1 2)

  • mbed moves to new servers
  • Backend improvements & restructuring
  • mbed moves from mbed.co.uk to mbed.org
  • Multiple board target support
  • Bugfixes

July 2009 (blog entry)

Improvements to compiler support for:

  • Firefox 2 and 3 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on Windows XP and Windows Vista

May 2009 (blog entry

  • Handbook & Cookbook created

May 2009 (blog entry)

  • Compiler speed improvements
  • Import from desktop
  • "Find" within a file (click the find button, or hit ctrl-F)
  • "Clone" projects and "Save As.." files (i.e. replicate them)
  • Increased file import size limit (was causing things to fail to import)

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