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  1. What you need

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

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We're looking for a group of developers who are keen to help us test the libraries for interfacing the Vodafone K3770 USB 3G Modem before official public release.

What you need

mbed LPC1768VF Dongle

We'd like to post a a series of technical write-ups about how developers are using these libraries - so if you are testing the library, then we'd like to hear from you!

Email us at support@mbed.org and tell us what you are working on and how you are using the libraries, and your project can be part of our series.

Thanks for your interest, and enabling the world to connect mbed to the 3G mobile network!

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