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  2. API

Mbed OS 2 and Mbed OS 5

This is the handbook for Mbed OS 2. If you’re working with Mbed OS 5, please see the Mbed OS 5 documentation. For the latest Timer API, please see Timer.

The Timer interface is used to create, start, stop and read a timer for measuring small times (between microseconds and seconds).

Any number of Timer objects can be created, and can be started and stopped independently

Hello World!

Import program

00001 #include "mbed.h"
00003 Timer t;
00005 int main() {
00006     t.start();
00007     printf("Hello World!\n");
00008     t.stop();
00009     printf("The time taken was %f seconds\n", t.read());
00010 }


API summary

Import librarymbed

No documentation found.


Note that timers are based on 32-bit int microsecond counters, so can only time up to a maximum of 2^31-1 microseconds i.e. 30 minutes. They are designed for times between microseconds and seconds. For longer times, you should consider the time()/Real time clock.


The timer used to implement this functionality is:

  • On the LPC1768: Timer 3 (LPC_TIM3)
  • On the LPC11U24: 32-bit Counter/Timer B1 (LPC_CT32B1)

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