Getting Started mbed Exporters

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

First check out Exporting to offline toolchains

Then review the following special cases:

Keil uVision

The exporters are currently configured to use Keil MDK v4. MCUs released after Dec 2014 may not have device svd and flash programing algorithms provided with the installation. You will need to obtain these and install in the proper directory and then select in the project file.

  • Nordic Platforms using SoftDevices
    • Download nordic nrf51_SDK.
    • Install the nrf51_sdk and integrate with uVision when prompted
    • Right click on the project -> Options for Target... -> Utilities tab -> Configure Flash Menu Command Settings button -> Add button -> select nrf51xxx -> click Add -> Click OK -> click OK. Now you should be able to flash to the nrf51822 target.
  • Maxim Platforms
    • Download the MAX32600 Flash Algorithm.
    • Copy the file to directory: C:\Keil\ARM\Flash assuming the default install path was chosen.
  • LPCXpresso824-MAX and Switch Science mbed LPC824 Platforms


Makefiles are created and to build you will need make installed and part of your path. Also you will need an arm-gcc compiler and linker.

  • Nordic Platforms using SoftDevices
    • Windows
      • GCC exports targeting the NRF51822 also require some programs from the Nordic nrf51_SDK. Please download and install it from the nordic website to enable offline compiles with make on windows.
    • Linux
      • Need to install xxxx

Kinetis Design Studio (KDS)

Freescale KDS now ships with the GCC ARM Embedded toolchain. You may need to update a linker flag depending on the version of tools installed. Make the change in : C++ Build -> Settings -> Tool Settings

Open this dialog using [Alt] + Enter or [Option] + Enter

Any file extension that is .s needs to be changed to .S (lowercase to uppercase)

KDS >= 3.0


KDS < 3.0



The mbed libraries contain CMSIS startup files. When importing the generated project file it is required to un-check 'migrate to current infrastructure' box.

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