Firmware LPC1768 LPC11U24

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

The latest firmware version is 141212. To check your firmware version, open the MBED.HTM file on your mbed Microcontroller.

These instructions explain how to upgrade your firmware.

Data loss warning

Firmware updates may format the mbed Microcontroller drive

If you need to keep anything on the mbed Microcontroller disk, make sure you save it somewhere first!

1. Save the latest firmware to the mbed Microcontroller

Download latest firmware

2. Power-cycle the board to update the firmware

To update the firmware, power-cycle the board by disconnecting and reconnecting the power (USB lead). After power-cycling the board, there will be a short pause as the firmware is updated, and then the mbed Microcontroller should appear as normal.

3. Finished!

Firmware changelog

rev 141212 [ download... ]

  • Added CMSIS-DAP support

rev 21164 [ download... ]

  • Added support for LPC11U24

rev 16457 [ download... ]

  • Unified firmware update for LPC1768 and LPC2368 boards
  • Improved programming and semihosting performance
  • LocalFileSystem disk now released to PC when mbed has no files open (used to only happen on program exit)
  • Removed special Windows "mbed.ini" mode requirement
  • Serial mode now works on windows without modification using new serial installer
  • Fix bootcode problem (was causing virus false-positives on some systems)
  • Updated MBED.HTM to new format

rev 14366

  • Support for LocalFileSystem
  • Serial performance improvements

rev 14129

rev 12249

  • Initial Beta Release

revisions < 12249

  • Early releases

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