Firmware FRDM KL05Z

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

The latest firmware version for the FRDM-KL05Z is: 0203. To check your firmware version, open the MBED.HTM file on your mbed Microcontroller.

These instructions explain how to upgrade your firmware.

1. Save the latest firmware in bootloader mode

While holding down the small button between the USB connectors, plug the Freedom board into the connector marked SDA - the bottom one as shown.


When the FRDM-KL05Z is plugged in this way, it will appear as a disk called BOOTLOADER which you can simply copy the update file onto.


Linux or Mac

If you are using Linux or Mac, and using a bootloader version older than 1.11 the BOOTLOADER volume might not appear. If you experience this problem on OS X your only option is to use Windows machine to update the firmware. If you are running Linux you can manually update the bootloader via the following procedure:

  1. Download the "Firmware Apps" zip file from
  2. Extract "BOOTUPDATEAPP_Pemicro_v111.SDA" from that zip file.
  3. Run the following commands:

sudo udevadm control -s
# Hold the reset button while connecting the USB cable
sudo mount -t vfat -o sync /dev/sdb /mnt # replace /dev/sdb as appropriate
sudo cp BOOTUPDATEAPP_Pemicro_v111.SDA /mnt
sudo umount /mnt
# Unplug the usb cable
# Plug the USB cable without pressing the reset button
# wait a few seconds
# Unplug the USB cable

The bootloader is now updated to version 1.11. Use the normal flash procedure to update the firmware.

The latest mbed interface upgrade file for the FRDM-KL05Z is:

2. Power cycle the board to update the firmware

After you have copied on the file onto the FRDM-KL05Z, simply unplug it, and plug it back in again, and the the USB disk will appear and an mbed disk.


3. Finished!

Firmware changelog

rev 0203 [ ... ]

  • USBDevice stack patches for composite (CDC / MSC) race condition
  • Flash algorithms created from new Kinetis flash driver source
  • Mass-erase cannot be disabled and flash security enabled cannot be set (MSD programming only fails reserved bits for these conditions)
  • UART serialization patch
  • Semihosting not enabled by default
  • Updated mass erase sequence

rev 0201 [ ... ]

  • Initial release

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