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This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.


This major upgrade affects many parts of the mbed system in non backwards-compatible ways. This means that it's a little different to previous updates.

The migration from the old system to the new system has to be carefully managed in order to ensure that:

  • The new system can be trialled adequately by users before general release
  • No work or code is lost during the transition
  • Users can try out the new features, without risk to their data/workspace
  • The new features should seamlessly integrate into the site, without creating extra confusion
  • All links and content which worked before should continue to work

Program compatibility

The structure of programs in your workspace is significantly different in this new upgrade. This means that your programs need to be converted to the new structure. This is a one way only change - once a program is converted you won't be able to edit it in the normal (non-betamode) compiler.

The most obvious place you'll notice this is when you first come across is this message:


This is because you have a choice. You can:

  • Convert anyway - your program will be converted and you won't be able to open it again in the normal live compiler
  • Create a copy - A converted copy of your program will be created in your workspace. The original program will not be modified
  • Cancel - Does nothing and returns you to the editor

Migration of published programs and libraries

  • All published programs will be converted to the new repositories.
  • History of published programs will be copied and all links will still work
  • The new mbed compiler will automatically convert any libraries into their repository equivalents

While in the testing phase:

  • The main live site will remain completely unaffected during the beta phase of collaboration 2.0
  • The beta site will track the live site
    • Periodically, any new updates or new published programs will be converted into the new repositories feature.
    • New versions of published programs as well as new published programs will be converted
    • Therefore, the 'new world' will track the existing livesite with a small delay. (some minutes)
  • If a repository which has been converted from an existing published program is modified on the beta site, future updates of the published program will not overwrite the repository.

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