Adding a device to your mbed account

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

There are a number of mbed-enabled hardware boards available, all designed around the mbed HDK. They provide fast, flexible and low-risk and professional rapid prototyping solutions to jump-start your design.

Anyone can create an account and explore the the mbed website, including access to the forums, and even trialling the online IDE. However, if you want to compile your code you will need a compiler licence for the intended target. But don't worry, every hardware platform supported by mbed comes complete with a license!

If you own one of these of boards, simply click on the picture to follow the "Getting Started" guide for your board, and you'll be compiling in no time!

What if don't have hardware ?

No worries! visit our Order page for a list of distributors and resellers, there is bound to be one near you!

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