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Mbed pelion-example-common ConnectMemoryConnectFail

13 Mar 2019

I am getting the Error MbedCloudClient::ConnectMemoryConnectFail while running the official Connect Guide. Target: nucleo_f207zg

I have compiled this program both with mbed CLI (ARM-GCC) and the Online Compiler, both getting the same error.

This is what I am getting:

[BOOT] Mbed Bootloader [BOOT] ARM: 00000000000000000000 [BOOT] OEM: 00000000000000000000 [BOOT] Layout: 0 80079C8 [BOOT] Active firmware integrity check: [BOOT] SHA256: 7C60E8509CD265EF51AA3A456B6062955CAF5C6F39E49B10BAF395AE01AAE8F0 [BOOT] Version: 1552350966 [BOOT] Slot 0 is empty [BOOT] Active firmware up-to-date [BOOT] Application's start address: 0x8010400 [BOOT] Application's jump address: 0x8039E41 [BOOT] Application's stack address: 0x20020000 [BOOT] Forwarding to application... Starting Simple Pelion Device Management Client example You can hold the user button during boot to format the storage and change the device identity. Connecting to the network using the default network interface... Connected to the network successfully. IP address: Initializing Pelion Device Management Client... Initialized Pelion Device Management Client. Registering... current_size: 18113 max_size : 20074 [SMCC] Error occurred : MbedCloudClient::ConnectMemoryConnectFail [SMCC] Error code : 9 [SMCC] Error details : Client cannot connect anymore Memory allocation failed

I have tried increasing the nanostack-hal.event_loop_thread_stack_size with no success. How can I fix this? THANK YOU!