Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth LE, BTLE, Bluetooth Smart)

documentation effort for mbed BLE

20 Mar 2015

Dear forum members and visitors,

We’re refining the documentation for our Bluetooth Low Energy team and trying a different approach to the tools we've used so far. We’d like to invite you to read an alpha version of our new docs.

So far, our documents cover:

  1. An intro to BLE. This comes in two flavours: a short version ( for experienced developers, and a long version ( for people who’ve never considered working with BLE before.
  2. More detailed reviews of BLE and mbed concepts like event-driven programming and BLE connection parameters.
  3. Tutorials to get new users started with mbed (including the compiler) and our BLE API. These include a quick guide for more experienced users.
  4. More advanced samples, like service creation (for input and output) and reviews of some advanced features.

We'd be adding a lot more content shortly. I hope you find the presentation more useful than the muddle we've had so far. If this is an improvement, it has been possible largely because of some very hard work by Irit Arkin, who has joined our team recently to help us with documentation. It is her full time responsibility to train us engineers in documentation-yoga and flex us in ways we're unaccustomed to. We are also receiving some awesome support from Austin Blackstone, Carissa Labriola, and Jonny Austin.

As with everything else on mbed, we value the community’s input. Please use this forum post to comment or ask questions.

31 Mar 2015

Irit has taken this forum post and put it together in a more useful form at Feedback would be very welcome. We'd like to hear from you about our documentation efforts.

07 Jun 2015

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your effort documentation, it's very clear and progerssive tutorial you made with your Team. The website answer all the questions about how to make a BluetoothLE appliation on nrf51.

Very great work for the beginner on BLE and C++.

27 Aug 2015

hi, contains valuable info and is a great resource! but why use an external tool for this? I just stumbled over this post, otherwise i would never have found it !! why not integrate all docs in one place??


27 Aug 2015

We've migrated all docs to BLE docs are now at We'll be keeping everything at one place.

27 Aug 2015

hi rohit thanks for the quick answer! are those docs also searchable by the mbed search system? (otherwise they would be difficut to find)


27 Aug 2015

I'll arrange for you to get a useful answer. Thanks for raising this.