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I built ble samples for HRM1017.

02 Aug 2014

I got a HRM1017. I built "BLE_Health_Thermometer_IRC", "BLE_ANCS_SDAPI_IRC", "BLE_RCBController","mbed_blinky_NRF51822","BLE_HeartRate_NRF51822" and "BLE_Beacon_NRF51822".

I set LED1 and LED was blinking. /media/uploads/tatsu0325/poi1.jpg

BLE_RCBController can be sent the data from RCBController APP on ipod touch. /media/uploads/tatsu0325/poi.jpg

HRM1071 is fine.

I want to make applications on Windows PC for ble central application. Are there any information about windows ble application?

02 Aug 2014

Thanks :-)
Matsujirushi-san wrote sample application and tips.
http://makerlab.jp/wiki/kb:mbed-ble (tips in Japanese)