The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

mbed source code availability and bring up of inhouse developed CortexM4 board similar to FRDM-K64K

25 Feb 2015


We have ordered FRDM-K64K board and are going to start development and plan to create new in house board, based on same MCU which is on the FRDM-K64K board. We are newbie to mbed and FRDM platform.

We wish to port mbed as RTOS on it. Accordingly we are having few queries, it would be helpful if inputs are given on them. 1. Is mbed full source code available to the developer? Is the TCP/IP stack into the OS open for modifications. Can we easily modify it and compile it for our board, like adding extra mac layer etc.

2. What are the porting efforts involved for other open source frameworks/applications to mbed and then making them work on our in house developed board.

3. Can we export mbed source code to KDS(Kinetis Design Studio) and create the required binaries. Does this porting work seemlessly or are there certain tricks/modifications required?

4. The ARM mbed official library from the link doesn't seem to have .c files for the targets specified. Where do we get them from. How are the two gits into sync with each other? MBED Git : ARM Official Git:

Thanks & BR, Sagar Kadam

25 Feb 2015

1. Mbed source code is fully available yes. Ethernet wise I think also everything is available, but you could check here yourself: (also look at the dependencies).

2. Dont understand exact question.

3. Yes should be no problem. From online compiler it should be matter of right mouse button, export.

4. Mbed source code is found at the github you linked, and here also in the form of a library you can include instead of the precompiled one: mbed-src and github are synced: The moment github is updated mbed-src is also updated. Once in a while they have a new official release, and then the compiled mbed library is updated.

25 Feb 2015

Re #3 It is interesting to note that mbed is also built on top of ksdk for freescale kinetis. Which provides a hardware abstraction layer. That may make adjusting low level details in code a bit easier.

25 Feb 2015

The jury is still out if that makes it easier :P

26 Feb 2015

Thanks Erik and Iain for your replies. This clears our doubts as of now. Erik: My 2nd question's explanation: I wanted to know what all changes may be required into the mbed stack, if I port open source IOT applications on mbed.

26 Feb 2015

That probably depends largely on the application and what kind of TCP stack it expects and in howfar that is compatible with the mbed TCP stack. But not something I can give a good answer for :).