The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

any ideas for a FRDM-K64F enclosure?

11 Jan 2016


We are testing the FRDM-K64F in some remote rural areas. We want to protect the boards with a good enclosure - do any 3rd party products exist ?

If there are no known enclosures for this, does anyone have the measurements of the board including its mounting holes and perimeter ? I cannot find this in the documentation.

Thanks! Andy

11 Jan 2016

Not much help on this so I went ahead and modelled one in Autodesk Fusion 360:


You can download the bottom and top STL files attached here and 3d print for yourself.

Case bottom part: /media/uploads/andymeira/frdm_bottom.stl

Case top part: /media/uploads/andymeira/frdm_top.stl

The design files are here - if you modify this design please upload here so we can re-use :

15 Jan 2016

Thank you Andres! Looks great!

15 Jan 2016

Looks lovely!

I'd like to note that for 3d Printing (FDM) the undercut of the screw holes on the "wings" on the side mean it can't print without support. Likely this was designed with injection molding in mind?

For 3D FDM, the underside of the mounting wings would need to be filled in and flat. (Similarly the top cover gets printed "upside down")

18 Jan 2016

Thanks Iain good catch. I updated the model for 3d printing with filled in wings as you suggest:

I believe you can download the STLs also from this link.


12 Feb 2016

Hi guys!

Can anyone suggest me where can I find detailed dimensions of this board, or even better 3d model? I can't find a datasheet with dimensions of mount holes...

Thank you for your help. Miha

12 Feb 2016


I believe the FRDM boards all have the same dimensions and positions for the mounting holes. This old thread on the Freescale community has some info for the KL25Z. This says the mounting holes are 125 Mil ± 3 Mil.


15 Feb 2016

here u go.


I got the dims from the gerber file. I printed in 3d and confirm this works.

16 Feb 2016

That is what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing! Just one more question. Does this board comes with pin headers already soldered on board?

06 May 2016

Hammond Manufacturing may have one that works. Available at this link.

10 May 2016

Can the file be modified to allow for the SD Flash card coming out of the rear of the enclosure?

24 May 2016

I had one of these enclosures built. I have a couple more comments and suggestions for the enclosure.

1. I believe having a 13mm x 1.5mm slot for the SD Flash out of the back of the enclosure is essential.

2. Need to re-think how the USB connector is laid out. The mating connector barely makes contact with the K64F and falls out easily. I suggest:

a. Move PCB 1.1mm closer to the edge of the enclosure (USB side) -and-

b. Make the enclosure 1.0mm thinner (or perhaps removed entirely) in a 11.5mm x 7mm area surrounding the USB connector. This is to allow room for the mating USB cable's over-mold.


26 Jul 2016

Hello Andy,

You're design looks great. I don't have Solidworks or any other software that facilitates editing models, I think. Would you be so kind to remove the wings so the case is a standard box (like most Arduino and Raspberry ones) and make the new model available? It's just a request, so if you're too busy simply ignore. Thanks again.