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Impossible to download code in NUCLEO f401RE (and mbed LPC11c24)

03 Jul 2014


Since I began to use Mbed and nucleo bords, I "broke" two of them, without doing anything wrong, except if downloading program in them is called a wrong action. I'm on Ubuntu, but I tried as well on Mac, Windows and Debian... Both of them had the same problem at the end, impossible tu download files in them. What I see as results, a file : fail.txt with "RESERVED BITS" in it.

Also I followed the tutorial deadMbed but I can't detect partition on my boards. I tried to external power them, no results. If I can relate my problem to a post from the Mbed forum, it's this one :, which doesn't solve my problem.

Did someone have the same problem recently ?

04 Jul 2014

I am using this board on Windows XP and Windows 7 laptops and have had no trouble with the mbed compiler other than the usual transition pains from an Arduino environment. I have rewrittien programs to run sensor fusion on MPU-6050 and MPU9x50 motion sensors and, today, I wrote and compiled a program to get output from Bosch's BMP180 sensor. I wish I could help...

23 Dec 2016

Hello, You may use STM32 ST-Link Utility to perform a complete erase of the flash of the product, and a FW update of the ST-Link driver of the platform. Kind regards

07 Apr 2017

Hi Maxime, I already encountered this problem(in a F401 and a F103 as you). In both cases i tryed at first to re-update through the st-link firmware update. This should rewrite the stlink code and overwrite any corrupted data in the ST-Link "part" if this doesn't help I could try to set, via the 2 jumper connector, to set the state of the stlink borad into "ST-Link" instead of "Nucleo" this allow you to use another st-link(which you're sure that works) to programm the micro. If this try works then is the integrated stlink. if this doesn't work I'm afraid thet your problem is the micro itself. In that case you can't do much. I hope I've given you some ideas that may help you. Let me know if you can solve.

Best regards