LPC1114: Set PWM pulsewidth=0 doesn't work

08 Jun 2014

Hello there,

I opened a question already in the LPC1114 platform area, but there hasn't been any response, so I'm trying on a different user group,...

I'm using PWM-outputs on LPC1114 for LED-dimming purposes. Same code on LPC1768 works fine, LEDs can be dimmed down to "not visible:off". On LPC1114 this doesn't work, they are still shining slightly. Maybe this is caused by the used 16bit-counters, because one of the channels uses a 32bit-counter, not showing this behaviour. Is there a simple way to switch off the channels explicitly when PWM ratio is set near 0%? This would be enough for my purposes, although I guess if I set ratio=0 the channel should be off already....

Thanks for reading - much more for answers... :-)