Exporting to offline toolchain

16 May 2014


I am trying to export my project but when I go into the export dialog the only available options (the others are grayed out) are Keil, mbed, and ZIP.

Why are the others grayed out? (Specifically I want to export to LPCXpresso) I'm guessing that it is because I'm using a WiFi DIP Cortex, but I don't understand why that would be. And importantly what can be done to fix that?


18 May 2014

I think that you can only export if your board/processor/target selection is a valid combination.

18 May 2014

Hello tim Borland,

if those exporters are not supported, options are greyed out as you noticed. mbed sources are available so anybody can add exporters. For more information look on mbed github, in the workspace_tools folder, exporters folder is there, where are templates for various toolchains.


19 May 2014

Not sure why my board would be an "invalid configuration" because it's selectable in the IDE as a valid target.

19 May 2014


to be able to export it, mbed exporters script needs to include its support. I will look at what we can do about it.

23 Jun 2014

Martin Kojtal wrote:

to be able to export it, mbed exporters script needs to include its support. I will look at what we can do about it.

Martin, any progress on including WiFi DIP Cortex support in the exporters script?

26 Jun 2014


I am going to try adding export support for CoCox IDE for the WiFi DIPCortex. How can I test this? Is there some whay for me to create a test version of the compiler or can I somehow point it to a local exporter?

26 Jun 2014

Test ? Using the scripts, build.py to build the library, project.py to export the project to ide which you want.. The board does not have any onboard interface, so how are you planning to debug it? Using external debugger?

26 Jun 2014

What I'm referring to is how do I get a new exporter into the mbed online IDE to test? Or how can I test it locally?

I'm sure that I can't just add something and have it go live on the online IDE.

30 Jun 2014

Tim, go to the github mbed page https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed. Clone the repository and look at scripts. There's not much documentation regarding exporters..

You will need to add your target to coide.py and create a template similar for example to coide_kl25z.coproj.tmpl. Then use project.py to generate project for specified platform and IDE (coide).. Firstly, build the library using build.py script file. Hope that helps..

Anyway, the question is how are you planning to debug your platform. Using external debugger?

21 Apr 2016

I've read this thread and am none the wiser. I've installed Eclipse with the GNU arm add on and now want to export my project from mbed online to it. Can someone explain how to do this in simple terms as I'm new to the github and all the terminology ?


25 Apr 2016

This guide should help you to use command line and mbed exporters scripts: http://mbed.org/handbook/mbed-tools