Eve display and mbed.

26 Feb 2014


I have not been able to get the FT800-touch-track project to work, using a mbed and an EVE VM800C50 display card. I have had the card running with a MPSSE cable and a PC OK so I think the board is OK.

The four SPI lines seem to toggling fine but the display remains dark.

Any hints would be welcome.



27 Feb 2014

Hi John, I've tried Peter's lib a month ago (06/01/2014), and modify ft_gpu_hal.cpp for going on with FTDI FT800 Kits, as above. Uncomment the lines on the original file and it will going on....

Best Regards, Michel GEYRE


Ft_Gpu_Hal_Wr8( REG_SWIZZLE, FT_DispSwizzle); 06/01/2014

FT_DispPCLKPol = my_DispPCLKPol;

Ft_Gpu_Hal_Wr8( REG_PCLK_POL, FT_DispPCLKPol); 06/01/2014

FT_DispPCLK = my_DispPCLK;

Ft_Gpu_Hal_Wr8( REG_PCLK,FT_DispPCLK); after this display is visible on the LCD 06/01/2014

Ft_Gpu_Hal_Wr16( REG_PWM_HZ, 1000);



27 Feb 2014

Hi Michel,

Thanks for the help - I will try your code later today on my mbed.

I plan to use the FT800 with an LPC4370 card and so far have the display working but not yet the touch interface.

I have tested the display with a MPSSE cable and the FTDI demo program works OK so now it's my code that's wrong.


27 Feb 2014

Hi John, Thanks to Peter Drescher who 's ported FT800 to mbed ! First, try his FT800_touch_track example with correction above for FTDI VM800B50A (what i've done successfully a month ago). Nice example.... Then try your code.

I've done the test with the hardware configuration below:

/ Hardware configuration

DigitalOut myled(LED1);

FT800 TFT(p11,p12,p13,p14,p15,p16); / the FT800 is connected to SPI 11-13

/ MOSI/MISO/SCK/CS#/INT#/PD# 06/01/2014

Best regards, Michel

27 Feb 2014

Hi Michel,

Thanks again.

It was Peter Drescher's FT800_touch_track example that I was using but without the modifications you give.

So I will try again soon.


27 Feb 2014

Hi John,

additional you should have a look inside FT_LCD_Type.h . Peter use a display with inverted backlite. If the definition is wrong the display remains dark :

/* the GLYN display has inverted backlite */
#define Inv_Backlite  

Regards Dirck

28 Feb 2014

Hi john and Dirck,

Yes , Dirck , you are right. I forgot to mention this point too ...

in the FT_LCD_Type.h you shoud comment the line "inv_Backlite" below...

/* the GLYN display has inverted backlite */

/* #define Inv_Backlite 06/01/2014 */

Regards Michel

28 Feb 2014

Hi Michel and Dirk,

Thank you both so much - FT800_touch_track works like a charm now.

So now I can get back to getting some code working with LPC_Link2 (LPC4370).

The program displays the expected components (the demo keyboard, A-Z and numeric) but does not yet respond correctly to the touch screen.