Low-level headers (particularly for LPC4088's FPU)

28 Oct 2013


First off, apologies for the bad form - I originally posted this as a question, but it looks dead in the water, so I'm moving it to the forum to try and elicit a response.

When targeting the EA LPC4088 QuickStart Board, I can happily use integer intrinsics (_UADD8, _SADD8, _QADD8, _UQADD8, etc...) so I can leverage the M4's integer SIMD instructions.

The LPC4088 supposedly features the ARM Cortex M4f (which features the onboard FPU). However, none of the headers in "mbed/TARGET_LPC4088" define intrinsics for FPU instructions. Is there a header file I'm missing that defines the FPU intrinsics?