EthernetInterface Library

16 Jan 2018

I dont understand how this class works. How do I tell it about my hardware? For example, I might wish to use built-in ethernet capabilities of my mbed board, or I might want to use an SPI connected ENC28J60 thernet module, etc, etc. As far as I can see, there are no parameters to the EthernetInterface constructor to feed in this information. The API documentation needs to explain this.

11 Dec 2018

I already started a discussion hereand here. Is it possible that the mere instantiation of EthernetInterface may lead to TX/RX interrupts of up to 20 us? On an Arduino Due with Ethernet Shield 2 I didn't notice such kind of interruption at all.

Thanks for any clarification!

11 Dec 2018

Sadly, it seems that this forum is anything but. No one has replied to my query about how this class works, and it does not seem to have prompted any improvement to the documentation (or the API). So much for the request at the start of this thread to report issues. I'm afraid I have come to the conclusion that the mbed infrastructure is no better than a glorified demo, and is not a serious development tool. Many of the boards don't support many of the libraries, or have no working examples for their specialised hardware. The libraries are incomplete, or dont work in various cases, as this thread shows. If ARM are serious about mbed, they need to put proper resources into it.

11 Dec 2018

Indeed, this gives a poor impression. Not only for IOT projects a reliable and well-documented networking interface is vital. If you are not able to connect your nice ARM Cortex-M board, there is not much value left.

08 May 2019

Is it possible to get an interrupt when we get a client request while using our device as server, Iam using Wiznet W7500P as the target device