Library development howto?

05 Jan 2010

I'm looking for some docs on how to create an publish a new library. If I don't have a main() then the library doesn't compile. Is there a step-by-step howto describing how to create and publish a library and what conventions are used to document it etc?

05 Jan 2010

Hi SimonB,

At the moment, the way to publish code for others to use is simply to "publish" it (right click > publish), and let people import it from the url - they can then work on it or drag files/folders they want in to another project. The monolithic svn cookbook approach we were using wasn't being used (partly because it wasn't that well integrated) and wasn't going to work with lots of users, so when we introduced Notebooks we switched over to this "publish" concept as a test, and it immediately got a lot more use so looks like a better approach.

It is not that elegant yet however, and so have been sketching plans around building it on top of a distributed version control system for publishing, and providing auto-documentation engine using DoxyGen. If we can get it right, this should make it nice and easy to share and iterate libraries, and get you some nice documentation if you put in a little more effort. We'll try and get some prototypes up in a beta area soon.

But for now, it is just pushing around files i'm afraid, no magic! Any suggestions/questions welcome.


18 Mar 2010

So...Am I right in thinking there is no way to compile a library? Or do we just do an #include "libraryheader.h"?

18 Mar 2010

Yep, no need to do anything special. Just import and #include the appropriate header.

btw, some nice compiler improvements coming your way with respect to libraries/importing soon :P

02 Apr 2010

I want to import a lib from google code. I can't do this?