Writing and publishing a library for mbed - best practises ?

29 Nov 2011

Hello all !

I've been working on my first project with mbed, a library for ST7735 display controller and a 128x160 TFT display controlled by 3-wire SPI. I'm close to publishing, hence the following questions:

Are there any general guidelines anywhere on how libraries should be structured and published ? Some sort of do's and don'ts ?

29 Nov 2011

Hi Jonne,

I did write the following:

These might be useful, but also happy for other people to suggest and make recommendations.


29 Nov 2011

Hi Simon

Yep, this is the thing I was looking for. Thanks !

22 May 2018

Hi Simon,

Can I use this guides for MBED 5? I couldn't find a more recent version.

Josep Bernad