Mesh networking with nRF52-DK

15 Aug 2017

Is it possible to implement a mesh network with the new Bluetooth mesh standard using Nordic nRF52-DK boards?

Is there any example code available?


30 Aug 2017

Not with the mbed APIs yet. There probably is some example code in the nRF5 SDK.

02 Jan 2018

Happy new year!

I was just wondering if there are any APIs available yet on Mbed?

20 Mar 2018

Hi there.

Maybe it makes sense to wait for mesh support in nearest releases, or developers has no plans to add Nordic mesh SDK support? Thanks in advance for your answer!

04 Jan 2019

Any update on adding open thread support in mbed for nRF52? Are there any plans to do this? The device clearly has enough flash and rom to run open thread as Nordic has thread examples that works on nRF52-DK.

11 Jan 2019

Stay tuned for Bluetooth low energy Mesh 1.0 support within Mbed, it is coming down the road and we will provide further roadmap information as things mature. The nRF52x devices will be supported, in addition to other BLE platforms that the Cordio Bluetooth low energy stack has been ported to.

In addition an Open Thread port to Mbed and the nRF52x family of devices is also of interest. We would love to learn more about what your market requirements and application needs are for Open Thread.

26 Mar 2019

Any news about Bluetooth LE Mesh 1.0?

14 Jun 2019

Any news?

26 Jun 2019

Knock, knock ...


The Arm Mbed Cordio Stack is now available globally. Arm Mbed Cordio Bluetooth Mesh will be available in CY Q1 2019.

Now Q2 is nearly gone, can we have some update? We have to make decision - wait for Mbed BLE mesh or other options.

Thanks, Carl

27 Jun 2019

Hi Carl,

One of the challenges of developing Mbed is changing priorities and meeting customer needs. When we started the process of open sourcing the Cordio BLE stack a year ago, we were seeing lots of customer demand for BLE Mesh and wanted to meet that demand. However, since then we've seen much less demand for BLE Mesh, whilst seeing stronger demand for other connectivity features, so have delayed the work to add BLE Mesh to Mbed OS.

It's coming but I can't give a definitive date yet when we'll make that release, but it's unlikely to be in the next few months.

Thanks, Andy

12 Oct 2019

That would be nice. Thx