Multiple MBED data and single IP

06 Oct 2011


I am designing Ethernet based power meter with MBED. All MBED will be transferring data through single Ethernet switch. So they will be having different IP addresses assign with DHCP. At monitoring side i will be using internet explorer.

I want to know is it possible to receive power data of all MBED on single web address ? Otherwise my centralized monitoring system won't be possible.

Any inputs are appreciated.

Thank you, Vatsal

07 Oct 2011

It might be easier if each mbed had its own Static IP. That way, you could have some code in the remote web page to tell Internet Explorer which IP addresses have some data to go and look for.

In each case. the mbed runs as HTTP Server, and supplies data to a Client (Explorer) when requested.

Please beware - the latency of TCP/IP here is surprisingly long. You might only be able to update the data 2 to 5 times per second.

08 Oct 2011

Hi Rod,

Thanks for reply.

Yes i should probably go with static IP only..or configurable from txt file. I am trying design one web page that requests data from each IP and JavaScript from that.

In weather station application latency will be fine but for pressure transmitter i would go Internet of Things way with web sockets.

Thanks, Vatsal

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