How long till mBed Ethernet works ?

06 Sep 2011

Is there still progress being made fixing the Ethernet libraries for mbed ?

I tried some mixed UDP / TCP apps a few months back and although I had some success they failed in combination and with larger packets / heavier traffic. No one had suggestions and the consensus was that the mbed libraries were flawed and needed work still.

This seems to me to be a big issue but all seems quiet. I'm using another platform currently but keep looking here. Is there progress or am I mistaken in believing there are problems with networking on mbed


07 Sep 2011

Make sure you're not encountering a FAT file system bug. This issue bit me, and not sure it's been fixed in all the posted libraries. Large transfers looked corrupt to me, because I was saving to SD card, then re-reading them to process. The bug was saving data larger than 512 bytes, it was not incrementing the sector for the next successive write to finish saving the data; only the first sector was written to the file system correctly.

I manually fixed my copies of libraries, and then my "networking" code worked.

If this isn't your specific issue with networking, it may be someone else's.

07 Sep 2011

That's a great find....although in my case I had no file writes , just serving some files so probably not my issue.

I'm fairly sure it's buffer corruption and my received UDP broadcast packets are approaching the 1500 bytes max sometimes. I stll feel there's some 512 byte residual problem, although it could just be heavy traffic. Managing the IP buffer sizing isn't something I've found much information on.