31 May 2011

Hello, I use Visual Studio 2010 to controle one MBED with RPCSerial.

I have pass to control the LED of the MBED. And I want now get the information receive by my Xbee connected on the p9 & p10 pin.

But usually I use the method attach to get the information transmit caracter by caracter. But in the .NET version, we have'nt this method, we have just getc() and gets() for control this.

Can you explain me how reseive the information ? If i emit "Hello"

mbed = new SerialRxTxRPC("COM6", 9600);
xbee = new Serial(mbed, mbed.p9, mbed.p10);
string s = xbee.gets();

s contain "Hello" ?

Thanks for your help , and sorry for my bad english

03 Jun 2011

nobody ?

03 Jun 2011


I don't see the problem, is it just that you want to receive one character at a time? An obvious solution is to use getc, another solution is the use gets and read the string one character at a time.

03 Jun 2011

If i want transmit "Hello" since MBED Number 1 with a Serial communication.

My seconde MBED have a RPC program and run with .NET interface. How receive the world "Hello" in my .NET interface ?

Well it's perhaps better explain, sorry.