Repositories with precompiled mbed libraries?

25 Jan 2016

Dear friends,

I'm currently using the mbed libraries (mbed, rtos, fat, net, usb,...) from this repo and have built them for my platform (Ublox C027) as described here with the python-based build system.

As I have recently found that a repo with a precompiled version of the central 'mbed' library for all target platforms is available here, I'm wondering now if that is true for the other mbed libraries (rtos, usb, fat,...), too. For instance, there is a repo for the rtos lib nearby, but it does not contain the precompiled lib files for all target platforms.

As I think that it would greatly simplify offline development not only for me, but for many developers, I'm curious if I've just missed the correct repositories, or if there is a chance that this is going to be 'orthogonalized' soon, meaning that all mentioned repos would offer precompiled libs. What do you think about that?

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