pretty basic ethernet question

18 Feb 2011

Hello, I just got the RJ45 and the breakout board from sparkFun. I hooked it up...compiled and uploaded the HTTPClientExample...and I'm getting this in my terminal:

Setting up...[..\fwk\if\eth\EthernetNetIf.cpp:setup@86] HW Addr is : 00:02:f7:f0:76:fd. [..\fwk\if\eth\EthernetNetIf.cpp:setup@99] DHCP Started, waiting for IP... [..\fwk\if\eth\EthernetNetIf.cpp:setup@131] Timeout. Error -65534 in setup.

I'm not clear in the hook up tutorial what N.C means when it says that pin 4, for example is "N.C"...also there are extra pin outs on the breakout board that say GS1 and GS2...any idea what I do with those? The two LEDs I just have in VOUT and GND

It could just be that It's not working because I didn't solder the RJ45 jack to the breakout you need to solder it? It seems to fit okay in there...I'm nervous to solder it because some of the holes are so close and I don't want to break it...

Thanks for any help...I'm having a real hard time getting started with mbed! I haven't been able to get much to work yet...

19 Feb 2011

Yes, you need to solder the RJ45 jack, otherwise it won't give contact to the breakout board.

GS1 and GS2 are the shield connectors - you can connect them to GND. For the LEDs, don't forget to add a resistor (150 ohm should be OK) between them ant Vout.

19 Feb 2011

thank you so much! the soldering worked! it seems pretty dumb that I didn't think to do that in the first place haha. thanks for your help!