HTML5 Websockets

31 Jan 2011

Has anyone implemented websockets on mbed yet? Does anyone know where I can find any source which is easily portable? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

07 Jul 2011

Somebody has done this:

But I can't find any other references (and therefore no code :-(

I've sent him a note via youtube with a link to this forum topic. No idea if that'll work, but it'd be great if it does.

I'd really like to be able to use this in a current project.

27 Jul 2011

HI, I'm the guy that made the YouTube video Olly linked. I've created a notebook entry with some of the code:

I did this as an experiment. The code isn't that stable, but it does demonstrate the capability. To make this "real" I would start with the LwIP stack and write the HTTP server from scratch (I had a hard time with the one provided).

Also, I will be giving a presentation on the late 2011 to early 2012, I can look into posting it to YouTube as well as I explain why this is important to embedded systems and how WebSockets work at the protocol level. If I do so it will be to the same YouTube channel as the demo video.

Ping me if you have questions.

22 Aug 2011

Sam and I just did a demo on this and are in the process of publishing tutorials and code. Please see