Gps output problem

26 Nov 2015

.Hi can anyone answer me why the output of this code is always showing zero's. I am using LPC 4088 experiment bundle with gps receiver. Thanks in advance./media/uploads/VIJJI1985/

26 Nov 2015

Its not clear what platform you are using. Please provide reference. When GPS libs show zeros that usually means they get no NMEA data from the GPS serial input (wrong pins, no power, wrong bits or baud) or the GPS receiver is still trying to detect a GPS satellite signal (no antenna, no RF signal cause you are indoors or you pick up RF noise). It could also take some time (minutes) after a cold start before the GPS has downloaded all the tables. Check all wiring, check the GPS serial TX pins for any data. You should be able to receive and print NMEA data as regular character strings.

27 Nov 2015

Thanks for your reply Wim Huiskamp. I am using EA LPC 4088 QUICK START BOARD.