STM32 NUCLEO-L152RE export doesn't work - Linker Error L6235E

18 Aug 2015

I used the simple STM32 NUCLEO-L152RE "Hello, world" example - it builds fine in the online compiler.

I used 'export to desktop IDE' to give a uVision-4 project.

I opened the exported project in uVision-4, and attempted to build it.

I have made no changes at all, but the build fails with:

mbed/TARGET_NUCLEO_L152RE/TOOLCHAIN_ARM_MICRO/stm32l152re.sct(34): error: L6235E: More than one section matches selector - cannot all be FIRST/LAST.

Shouldn't this just work?

Where can I get a download which does build as-is?


Unhelpfully, this gives no indication as to which sections it thinks are matching the selector - so how do I go about finding them?

18 Aug 2015

Looks like the linker file is not picked up, filled in the project files. Can you look at scatter file (linker option in the project options) ?