LM75 with I2C

22 May 2015

Hi can anyone say how to configure I2C pins on the lpc 4088 base board to measure the temperature of lm75 which is on the board.

22 May 2015

Have a look at the TestTemperature source code example included in the Production Test Program (PTP) for the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board which you can download from here:


25 May 2015

Thank you Chris Burrows.But after compiling the PTP code i cant see any output.Can you send me any jumpers must be placed or removed?

25 May 2015

Jumper information is in the comments in the source files.

26 May 2015

Thank you

08 Jun 2015

Hi Chris do you have the code to display the text on 4.3 inch lcd display for lpc 4088 board. Can you send me the mbed code.Thank you in advance.

07 Aug 2015

Any changes are needed to make this work with the LPC4088 Experiment Base Board and 4.3inch display? /media/uploads/VIJJI1985/app_gfx_uvision_lpc4088.zip Thanks in advance