I did a bad thing...Program to test all MBED I/O's ?

01 Dec 2010 . Edited: 01 Dec 2010

Ok I did a bad thing!

Pictures may help you see it :


During bench testing of my project I injecting 18v into pin 15 on the MBED (marked PE) by mistake. My fault!

This fried the LCD that came with the StarBoard Orange (crap!)

Replaced the LCD with Lumex Opto LCM-S01602DSF/C.

But the new display only shows lines IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII on the LCD for MBED (marked PE).

All other functions (ethernet/ADC/etc) works fine!

Something on MBED (marked PE) for pins 24-30 that interfaces to the LCD must be damaged??

If I replace MBED (marked PE) to MBED (marked JM) everything works great!

Does anyone know if there is a "test program" that can run on the MBED that I can scope a signal on every pin to know which one is damaged?

Does the mfg of MBED have a test routine for the module to know if all 40 pins are working correctly?

Thanks in advance!


01 Dec 2010

if you have one that works, scope that, work out what the signal is.

then test the one thats not working. will give you a better idea of whats not working.