BIN file format?

14 Oct 2009


Is the BIN file generated by the WEB-based IDE compatible with off-line tools?

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14 Oct 2009

Hi Paul,

Paul Kang wrote:
Is the BIN file generated by the WEB-based IDE compatible with off-line tools?

The binary generated is simply a raw ARM binary for the particular target, so should work if it is flashed on to another board with the same chip (such as one you've made yourself, or an eval board).

But just to be clear, it is not something we are actively supporting right now. Over time, we are aiming to better support integration or migration to other tools, but for now our focus is getting this one working really well.


22 Oct 2009



Just a quick question on this.


If I were to write/compile code on a standard tool set, such as the ARM/Keil tools, targeted for the standard part (2368 or 1768) used in the embed. Is it a simple matter of physically copying the .bin file to the flash drive of the mbed, and it will be able to run?


I realize this is outside of the bounds of what your are trying to do at the moment, but I am curous.





22 Oct 2009

Hi Jim,

Yes. The binaries we generate are for a bare metal LPC1768, and would work just as well on a LPC1768 on your own PCB as on the mbed Microcontroller. Conversely, any tool chain that can make a binary for an LPC1768 can make a binary that will work on the mbed.

We're not doing anything to support this flow at the moment, as we are concentrating our effort on the online compiler and the mbed APIs for now.


06 Apr 2010

On internet there several little program wich can convert hex file to bin file




07 Apr 2010

Yes, Jim.  We purchases a few copies of the Kiel tools and verified this.   Simon provided a nice example uVision project:


 The only thing you will have to is get the latest and greatest MBED libs checked out (that example uses V18, not V19 which has a faster default clock).