worry about floating inputs

29 Nov 2010

One of my first programs used pin 20 as input. The next program uses pin 18 as input and I reassembled the connections. Then I connect the mbed to the pc in order to load the new program. However the old program is still in and works, still assuming that pin 20 is an input while nothing is connected any more to this pin. How can one avoid situations like this?


29 Nov 2010

Hi Kees,

The two main options to avoid an old program running would be:

  • Hold down the reset button; while this is held down, nothing will run, and hence you can add a new binary happily
  • Delete the old program before you disconnect the mbed

In many cases, it won't actually matter, but worth getting in to the habit in cases where it could.


29 Nov 2010

Many thanks Simon. This just answers my question, Kees