Need advice for a touchscreen

23 Dec 2013

Hey everyone,

Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions for a colour touchscreen that works well with my (original) mbed? I'd prefer something that doesn't use up too many pins, so I guess that means I want either I2C or SPI.


23 Dec 2013

I2C is rather slow, you want SPI (at least I assume with touchscreen you don't only mean the touch area, but also the image area).

Main problem is that what I think is the most recent popular one has no SPI interface (don't ask me how it got popular without one, it also isn't handy on for example arduinos). If you find one with SPI just check on the mbed site if there is a library for it. When searching for the library you generally will have to search on the controller used, not the product number of the display itself.

12 Mar 2014

Recently I've turned my interest in this direction as well. If you browse the components LCD area, you'll find a couple of displays with SPI interfaces. At least one is offered with a resistive touch screen as part of the native interface. The SW driver accessible from this page does not [yet] include touch screen. Since this is all in the native interface, you'll see 4-wire SPI is about all that you give up. There are some additional notes about touch at the bottom of that page.